WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Baileywyc's Rhingyll Padrig, CGC, TT (Ringo)

November 20, 1987 - May 2003
September 1989 - two year old Ringo

Attended several obedience classes, competed on a
limited basis, but never received a passing score at an
AKC obedience trial.

Ringo was breeder-owner-handled. At an early age,
Ringo developed a sebaceous cyst on the top of his
head. The resulting lump was quite noticeable and the
decision was made to discontinue his conformation
career because a cosmetic surgical change is not
allowed under AKC rules.

June 12, 1994 - earned the ATTS Temperament Test
(TT) title.

Canine Good Citizen:
November 6, 1998 - earned the AKC Canine Good
Citizen (CGC) title.
Ringo sired one litter of puppies:

Baileywyc Litter #4
Tippy  |  Taly |  Gryf  |  Moose
September 1989 - Ringo with Thad,
hiking at Laumeier Sculpture Park.
February 2002 - 14 year old Ringo enjoying a warm, sunny day!