WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Wysiwyg Ciprys abMoose aLleu (Kip)
July 14, 2002 - February 2015
My Name Explained:

Wysiwyg - the current kennel name of Lucy
and Linda - also an acronym for "What You
See Is What You Get"

Ciprys [pronounced Kip' rees] - Welsh
meaning "scramble"
abMoose - son of Moose
aLleu -  and Lleu

Kip is my call name.
Kip following grandma Gwin (above) and
tugging with half-brother, Hogyn (below).

Has attended obedience classes, but has not yet competed at an
AKC obedience trial.

Kip competed in the AKC Introduction to Quarry class and the
AKC Junior Earthdog class (June 2006) but has not yet qualified.