WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Wysiwyg-Baileywyc Clebryn, CGC (Bryn)
March 2, 2001 - May 21, 2014

September 2001 - competed in the AKC Introduction to
Quarry class.

May 2002 - competed in the Novice Go-To-Ground at the
Missouri Earthdogs Memorial Day Bash.

Bryn was breeder-owner-handled beginning at six months of

November 2001 - shown twice and received two SG-1 puppy
ratings at the UCI International Shows.

At nine months of age, her ears stood up and we
discontinued her conformation career.

Canine Good Citizen:  
June 15, 2002 - earned the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Terrier Races:  
May 2002 - ran the Challenge Lure Course at the Missouri
Earthdogs Memorial Day Bash

Other Group Events:  
Bryn enjoys attending events sponsored by the Greater St.
Louis Training Club, Inc..
Bryn - eight months old
My Name Explained:

Wysiwyg - the current kennel name of Lucy
and Linda - also an acronym for "What You
See Is What You Get"
Baileywyc - the original kennel name used
by Lucy

Clebryn - Welsh meaning "chatterbox"

When I was young I was always chattering
and commenting on things happening
around me so they decided to name me
Clebryn and call me Bryn for short! Of
course, I never chatter about anything now!    
After being chased by her
younger brother Luke, Bryn
caught up with him and
sent him tumbling!
July 2002 - out for a trot around the yard.
August 2002
Bryn - before and after grooming!
What a difference a haircut makes.
August 2002 - Bryn moved in
with her new family! She has
settled in nicely and even sleeps
with her canine companion
Sunny. She also enjoys jogging
and trips to the dog park.
I participated at the
Memorial Day Bash 2002!