WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Wysiwyg Ysglefrio Yn Gwrthdro RN ME EE CA SWN SCA
Co-owned with and Trained/Handled by Chris Baumann
b. February 8, 2014

Barn Hunt (Barn Hunt Association):  
Earned the BHA Novice (RATN) title.
Earned the BHA Open (RATO) title.
Earned the BHA Senior (RATS) title.
Earned the BHA Master (RATM) title.
Earned the BHA Championship (RATCH) title.
Earned additional BHA Championship titles: RATCHX, RATCHX2,
Earned the BHA Crazy 8s Bronze (C8ZB).
Earned additional BHA Crazy 8s titles: Crazy 8s Silver (CZ8S) and
Crazy 8s Gold (CZ8G).

Bonnie Blu has been owner-handled beginning at six months of age.
She has ten points and needs two major wins to qualify for the AKC
Championship (CH) title.

Coursing Ability Test:  
Earned the AKC Coursing Ability (CA) title.
Has qualified 7 times (of the 10 required) for the Coursing Ability
Advanced (CAA) title.
Fast CAT - has 96.87 points (of the required 150 points) for the AKC
BCAT title.

Dock Diving (North America Diving Dogs):  
With 5 qualifying jumps, earned the NADD Dock Junior (DJ) title
With 25 more qualifying jumps, earned the Dock Junior Advanced
(DJA) title.
With an additional 25 qualifying jumps, earned the Dock Junior
Excellent (DJX) title.

Earthdog/Go-To-Ground (AKC/AWTA):  
Earned the AKC Junior Earthdog (JE) title.
Earned the AKC Senior Earthdog (SE) title.
Earned the AKC Master Earthdog (ME) title.

Earned the AKC Endurance Earthdog (EE) title by qualifying five
times at the same test in both the Senior and the Master level.

Earned the AWTA Certificate of Gameness (CG) title.

Farm Dog Certification:  
Earned the Farm Dog Certification (FDC) title.

Rally Obedience:  
Earned the AKC Rally Novice (RN) title.

Scent Work:  
Earned the Scent Work Container Novice (SCN) title.
Earned the Scent Work Interior Novice (SIN) title.
Earned the Scent Work Exterior Novice (SEN) title.
Earned the Scent Work Buried Novice (SBN) title.

Once the above titles (SCN, SIN, SEN, SBN) are earned, they are
combined into the Scent Work Novice (SWN) title.

Earned the AKC Scent Work Container Advanced (SCA) title.

Has seven Qs (of ten required) toward her AKC Scent Work Interior
Novice Elite (SINE) title.
Has seven Qs (of ten required) toward er AKC Scent Work Buried
Novice Elite(SBNE) title.
Has two Qs (of three required) toward her AKC Scent Work Handler
Discrimination Novice (SHDN) title.

Canine Good Citizen:  
Earned the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title.
Earned the AKC Community Canine (CGCA) title.
Earned the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGCU) title.

Bonnie Blu has attended agility classes but has not yet competed.

Has not yet competed in the Novice class at an AKC obedience trial.

Tricks (AKC/Do More With Your Dog):  
Bonnie Blu earned the Novice Trick Dog Novice (NTD) title from the
DMWYD organization.
My Name Explained:

Wysiwyg - the current kennel name of Lucy and
Linda - also an acronym for "What You See Is
What You Get"

Ysglefrio - Welsh meaning "to skate"
Yn - Welsh meaning "in, at or into"
Gwrthdro - Welsh meaning "backward"

I was born breach and was originally called
Bonnie after the Olympian speed-skater.

Bonnie Blu is my call name.
Bonnie Blu whelped one very large litter of
puppies (with multiple sires):

WYSIWYG Litter #10  
Sire "A" Bones  

Sire "B" Ruger  
Katydid  |  Rhys  |  Rosebud  |  Petey  
Cricket  |  Jax  |  Skipper  |  Lily  |  Walter  
Bonnie earned the RATCHX4 title in 2020.
Waiting for her turn at an earthdog test in IA.
Bonnie's "sisters" Sweetiepie (L) and Luckiedog (R).
Chris and Bonnie collecting their ribbons at an
earthdog test - Purina Farms, MO
Above: Bonnie taking a training jump.
Left: Bonnie and "sister" Sweetiepie at the 2020 Regional Finals.
Bonnie's advertising photo for the
Bonnie working in the barn hunt ring.
Bonnie Blu is the first  
Welsh Terrier to earn
the AKC Endurance
Earthdog (EE) title.
Bonnie Blu was the
first Welsh Terrier to
earn the BHA Barn
Hunt Master (RATM),
and Barn Hunt
Champion (RATCH
and RATCHX) titles.