WYSIWYG Welsh Terriers
Terrier Races
In terrier races, similar to other lure coursing, an artificial lure
is followed to the finish. Up to six terriers race in each heat or

At a Jack Russell terrier event, the Jack Russell terriers are
divided into many classes by sex, age and size (puppy, under
12.5", over 12.5", veteran, low-riders, etc). Welsh terriers and
all other terriers are grouped into a class titled "colored

Each terrier puts on their muzzle and a colored collar (for
identification) just before the race and enters the starting box.
The "starter" waves the lure in front of the terriers, who can
see it through the plexiglass front, then drops the lure. The box
opens and the lure leads the terriers to the finish - a small
opening left in a stack of hay bales. The first dog not just to the
hay, but THROUGH the opening wins!

The 150' straight course is covered in a matter of seconds by
the terriers. Add about three hurdles and the hurdles race

The Challenge Lure Course is also a favorite of all terriers.
The terriers follow a lure through a course of jumps, tunnels,
ramps and an A-frame. The course is usually at the Memorial
Day Bash and is set up by the people of Doggie Fun Zone.

Wysiwyg Welsh terriers compete in racing at fun days and the
Memorial Day Bash sponsored by the
Missouri Earthdogs
The following Wysiwyg and
Baileywyc Welsh terriers
have participated in terrier
races and/or the Challenge
Lure Course:

Muzzles on and looking for the
lure (Moose and Lleu).
The colored collar is put on just
before entering the starting box.
Let the Races
begin... Flat race
on the left, hurdles
race on the right.
The first dog through
the haybales (not just
to the haybales) wins!
A BIG Thank you to Lynda S.
who provided the photographs
included on this page.